King Hair & Beauty


Welcome back ladies!

If you are not on my snapchat (@candhhblog) you wont have a clue as to what this is about so Ill have to put the clock back slightly!

A lot of you will not know that my day job is in fact in Law and one of the reasons I started blogging was to allow my creative side to jump out every now and again. When I first started blogging which is over a year ago now I had no idea what I wanted from it but I knew it felt right and it didn’t feel like work at all. Researching and talking about all things Curvy Fashion and having the ability to help women in some small way and build their confidence is like a dream come true for any fashion lover but I’m sure you will know I am also crazy for skincare and beauty so much so that as the year progressed I wanted to know more about the treatments, the creams and products and actually have a good understanding as to why we love the treatments and products we do.

After a lot of consideration, in September this year I started reasearching beauty courses and how to go about doing it, the cost, the hours etc. I didn’t even know if I would be suitable and not only that I was quite nervous after years of studying at night and it being such a hard slog. Could I part with my long awaited spare time? However, I have a very supportive hubby who though I would be mad not to explore it so before I knew it I enrolled with Galligan Beauty  just off Grafton Street obviously being a closet nerd I had extensively researched the options and they stood out from the crowd because nothing seemed an issue for them not to mention their reputation. They had evening, day or weekend studying options coupled with very small class numbers. It felt like you weren’t just thrown in at the deepend something I really needed at that time, I started slightly later than the other students and the owners assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem, they along with my lovely tutor would help me along the way – I felt supported I hadn’t ever felt like that in education before.

We have already completed over half the course and I am now pretty proficient in facial, masks, tinting and tweezing would you believe! I cant quite believe we only have 3 months left. I never ever thought I would say this but after a 6am start and a full day in the office I look forward to class the 2 evenings per week its a world I feel at home in.

I have had 3 of my snap followers contact me since Christmas to say they were inspired by me and they have gone off to study beauty too and only last night another fab lady told me she was starting a course last night!

Who knows maybe one day soon you might be able to pop into “King Hair & Beauty” for a lovely beauty treat or some lush Hair Extensions! Who is with me?? x



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