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You are very welcome to Champagne and High Heels, I am the creator – Samantha King. This site was created through a labor of love for all this curvy fashion, beauty and lifestyle so much so that I am now in the process of qualifying as a beauty specialist after 13 years in Law!

I am passionate about helping other women whatever their shape and size find the clothes they love and wear the style the lust for. Its not about the size you wear but the way you wear your size whether that be an 8 or a 28! I am obsessed with skincare and if you do only one thing make sure you take your makeup off properly (not with a wipe..) I am all about positivity and supporting each other my motto in life is – Order the Champagne and buy the damn shoes!

Much Love


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/champagneandhighheels/

Snapchat: candhhblog


Email: champagnenandhighheelsblog@gmail.com

Instagram: champagneandhighheelsblog


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