Slimming World Week 3 Update

Welcome back lovelies I don’t even know where to start and unusually enough I have very little to say! In face I tried to write this several times and stopped. This week in particular has been on of my toughest to date, I had a some stressful things going on in the background and found it very hard to maintain my preparation and organisation. In saying that it was a one day blip in 7 days, however I feel like I gave the root of the stress my weight loss this week because of my blip!! 

This quote really sums up my week in a nutshell but I can’t help be hard on myself for not staying committed and managing the stress better… (New Years resolution blown to pieces right there!) 😀 

However, We live – we learn and we grow! 

I have two difficult events this week – when I say difficult I mean hanging, laughing and have the best time with my favourite people one of my besties and my hubbie but I’m going to somehow create a syn free dinner party Saturday night …. stayed tied to snapchat @candhhblog 

So that leaves me with only really one day I  have try reel myself in on which is my day out with my hubbie! I can’t tell you what or where yet because I’m surprising him BUT I’ll keep you posted! 

I suppose the moral of the story here is there will be difficult situations and events that are unavoidable – embrace them all but find your way back to the path! 

Drum roll….. +0.5 😢

Week 1 -4.5

Week 2 -3

Week 3 +0.5 

Total to date: -7lbs


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