Slimming World – Week 2 Update!

Happy Tuesday lovelies and welcome to all the lovely newbies! This week I have been 100% on track but not without the constant battle to stay organised! In one regard “dry January” has been a blessing but in my subconscious inner “want to have fun, wine and dine lover” (you know her…) I have been missing it but I think more so because I have told myself I cant have it! To a large extent I do believe you can eat what you want on Slimming World (if you make it the right way) and still lose weight as you will see from the meal I’ve had this week but can you have a few drinks and still lose.. I’m not so sure! Its not quite because of the alcohol but more so what the alcohol makes you do and I don’t mean roll home at 3am minus a shoe… but I’m thinking more along the lines of savage 4 packets of Tayto or tuck into a breakfast roll the next morning that you generally wouldn’t give a second thought to or order that 2400 calorie pizza (yes I googled calories in a large pizza!!!!) that evening after the night before and for those reasons I am successfully slipping, sliding and crawling through January! 🙂


I did find a local takeaway though that does Slimming World meals! I honestly thought it had to be too good to be true and I obviously raced (directly after class) to try it purely for research purposes……. 🙂 I have to say it was really really good and it got me thinking why other takeaways don’t do the same, surely like anything else healthy there would be a substantial mark up on it, its clear to see there would be a demand there, but its like its just too much hardship! *Gap in the market* 🙂 Check mine out below


Also if you are following me on snapchat: candhhblog you will know that my general mission in life is to find really low syn treats 🙂 and as you can see I became on of the “them” this week and brought my own food to the Cinema, I cant quite believe I just typed that about myself never mind actually pitched up with it in my handbag this week! Was it worth it?…. Yes! Was my popcorn only 5 syns… Yes! Would I do it again?… Absolutely!


I must say I have found all your stories so inspirational this week too, all your meal prep, weighins, walks etc really motivated me to keep my eye on the prize. I did have a few message from ladies who got the “dreaded 1lb loss” but this is what I have to say about a “Stupid 1lb” if you lost one of those for the whole year…. that would be 52lbs which is almost 4 stones bet you wouldn’t sniff at that next Christmas!

Drumroll please……. this weeks weight loss is……….. -3lbs

Week 1: -4.5lbs

Week 2: -3lbs

Total to date: -7.5lbs

Keep me posted on your journey too!

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