Slimming World Update

Hi Ladies and Welcome back!

I missed a week or two on my blog post! Very bold blogger indeed but things have been super busy and after the success of our sold out Atlone show we have launched “The Ultimate Christmas Curvy Ladies Day Out” – Dublin and as I’m sure you ladies know these things don’t organize themselves… I think the main lesson for me here is when things are critically busy I don’t “eat well” under pressure!

I had a lot of travelling with work last week 5am starts and late home in the evenings and these are a certain recipe for disaster for me. I find that if I am not prepared from the night before I could almost guarantee I wont make the right decisions on the spot no matter how “in the zone” I am at the time.

I missed one weekly weighin with events after work and of course this was a full license to lose the plot for the week – don’t tell me I am the only one that suffers with this… what I don’t know won’t hurt and all that…. until the following week of course and last week I was up 3lbs. Id love to say I did the right thing, stayed in class and got motivated by everyone in group but I didn’t I was so annoyed I skipped class and opted to go home annoyed with myself for the damage done over a week.

This week though I have managed to start to reel things in, as of yesterday the pots and pans were doing over time and I was chopping fruit and veg like it was going out of fashion again, being organized if my best friend. Today I feel like it is a fresh start and luckily I feel like this is my chance to really give it another push with only 6 weeks to Our Dublin show I am going to pledge a 2 stone cert in the bag for the big occasion! Who is with me? We can do this together with each others support. I wish I had all the answers, unfortunately I don’t but with am army of us with a common goal in mind I know we can achieve it together! Who is with me?

For anyone on snapchat that would like to join me I give my daily updateson snapchat and my user name is: candhhblog 

Todays damage this week…… +1.5lbs

  • Week 1: -6.5lbs
    Week 2: +1.5lbs 😥
    Week 3: -4.5lbs 😁
    Week 4: -0.5lbs
    Week 5: -3lbs
  • Week 6: +3
  • Week 7: +1.5lbs






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