Slimming World Weekly Update! 

Welcome back lovelies! 

The outpouring of support following Last weeks weighin was really overwhelming and one thing is for sure I’m not alone in this journey, so thank you it is prob the only way I managed to pick myself off the floor and keep going… 

I did fight with myself on several occasions to Just have an almighty blow out but I couldn’t accept ruining all my work for just “food” does that mean my mentality has shifted? I don’t know.. I replaced a chipper taco chips for a homemade one… But I still had them! Maybe I made the right choices but I certainly didn’t deprive myself.. I count my syns like a science every day I just can’t let one of those bad boys away… Especially with the week that was in it! 

With the event around the corner days are busier than ever and event in town for the launch of A/W16 and I find I’m st my weakest when I’m tired but I have tried to fill my handbag with good choices! 

I did start to make excuses around Monday like I’m too busy for this & I’ll give it another go after the event and sure I’ll miss the class being at launches tonight but guilt set in and I needed to see all my hard work and I’m really glad I did now! 

Drum roll….. -3lbs total: -13lbs

Oh and you’ll never guess who is slimming of the week 😘

Week 1: -6.5lbs

Week 2: +1.5lbs 😥
Week 3: -4.5lbs 😁
Week 4: -0.5lbs
Week 5: -3lbs


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