Slimming World Weekly Update

Hi Lovelies and welcome back.

I decided after a rough day to start writing this because sometimes I think my weighin might effect my opinion of the week I’ve had if its a good week it will be pretty positive and if it is a bad weighin it may not reflect how I got on through the week as a whole, so Ive decided to update as I go…

So this weeks first challenge (there are always many…) was Thursday.. it started at 5.30am and I was only semi prepared for a long day, I had the fruit covered and a few bits with me but had decided to get a big subway salad, just meat and veg because I knew it free but between the jigs and the reels I was quite late leaving Kilkenny and absolutely starving, I pulled into a garage and genuinely fought with myself about getting a burger king – there are a couple of things to note about that, the main one being that I wouldn’t thank you at the best of times for a burger king, but I somewhere found it in me to buy a packet of Ham, a miller light, fruit and a few low syn options. This was possibly the first time I thought ever… That this might actually work for me that this was infact something that I could sustain!

The weekend was ok but I did miss for prob the first weekend that I couldn’t go out and longed for a night out with my Hubbie and a few drinks.. not only that by my bestie had my godson’s Christening and she fully catered for my “needs” with plain salad items and even had some jelly ready (I know she will be kept…. and no she isn’t looking for any new besties right now! 🙂 not only that I had made a delish banoffee and brought it with me and I didn’t even lick the spoon never mind having a piece it wasn’t even on my radar! Obviously no alcohol was consumed either and I have to say even without all the components that I would generally consider very important for a get-together we had an amazing day!

I could literally see Wednesday in my sights when I had a 5.15am start with a trip to Dungarvan I left my fruit in the car and when I came out of me meeting it was warm and gross I honestly couldn’t face it, I literally could have cried mainly through dress I assume but I googled what to have on the run and ended up with another sunway salad! They seem to have saved the day for me this week! Then home for a failed NCT a meeting with our MUA which ment I want starting dinner until stupid o clock!!

My ultimate fave arrived in work today chocolate rice crispie cake from avoca! But I just had a cup of tea instead hoping the scales would reward me later in the day! it’s the small wins! 😀

I had that moment of clarity today though I was due into town this evening for events and had no idea how I would make Slimming World and I had to say no! Slimming World had to be my priority now I need to destress and see my Hubbie and you know what sometimes that’s ok! 😀 I wish I had told myself that a few months ago lol

There you have it, the good, the bad & the ugly this week! Keep me posted on your progress … Here’s mine..

This weeks loss: – 0.5 So that’s a total of – 11.5

I generally don’t comment on my loss until the following week but I have to say that after the highs and the lows, the work and the preparation half a pound is very hard for me to take, I was certain of a fantastic loss going in that door! I can honestly say I had to have a quick word with myself about how tears would not be ok standing on the weighing scales!! I feel deflated and defeated but I have to carry on because what other option do I have!!

Week 1: -6.5lbs

Week 2: +1.5lbs 😥

Week 3: -4.5lbs 😁

Week 4: -0.5


2 thoughts on “Slimming World Weekly Update

  1. Christina says:

    Am in sw myself after having a baby three months ago. It’s so hard but worth it and you’re doing amazing. You are only a few lbs off a stone. Keep going! I’ve only lost 5.5 so you’re doing way better than me!

    Liked by 1 person

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