Slimming World Weekly Update!

Welcome back Lovelies!
Firstly my apologies all the photos uploaded all over the place this evening! 

After last weeks mild disappointment I really had to try and motivate myself to keep going this week because I felt I didn’t deserve a gain but I do believe in the saying that a good week is never lost and true to form I had another busy week with lots of challenges but being prepared is my best friend. 
I try to sit down each night and plan what I’m having the next day before I’m out of the house for long periods each day. I never thought I “had the time” before but guess what it’s like everything else and if you really want to you’ll find the time! 

This weeks win!

Some of you guys will have seen on my snapchat @candhhblog that I had the ultimate Saturday night fakeaway and that was certainly my win this week because it kept me on track for the rest of the weekend.

This weeks challenge!

This has to be a jam packed day Saturday from 6am to nearly 6pm on the road arranging things for the Cutvy Ladies Day Out! But I made sure I was prepared with my fruit and a bag full of snacks! 

Top Tip!

My top tip this week even if you have a bad week and don’t think you deserved it keep the faith because a good week is never lost! ❤️

So all in all it has been a challenging week for me but how and ever here it is… -4.5lbs

Week 1: -6.5lbs
Week 2: +1.5lbs 😥
Week 3: -4.5lbs 😁
Week 4:

Total loss to date: -9.5lbs 

 **Ps we have a couple of tickets left for our Curvy Ladies Day Out on the 10th of September tickets available Here**



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