Welcome back beauties!

I know from all your guys that plus size sports clothing has been as issue for such long time! Do curvier gals not want to work out? Can they not be stylish while they do it?

This couldn’t come at a better time when I have really been thinking about stepping up my exercise I was only chatting last week on snapchat (@candhhblog) about this very topic! The great news is Nike have just launched a new plus range which goes up to a 3XL which is about a size 26 from my calculations! They are now all available online in a lot of stores!

Finally work out tops that fit! These vests are €45 I love the length!


Loving this breathable top €60 great if you want a little arm coverage but your skin can still breath



They have a range of performance leggings that come in different lengths they start at €50 and go up to about €90 which sounds steep but they do seem to be inline with the cost of Nikes usual leggings and lets be honest there is no look worst than a pair of see through leggings… hell no!



Im loving these zippy tops too starting at €55 up to €100



Let me know what you guys think, I cant wait to get my hands on them and lets get working on those summer bods!

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