Edinburgh – A budget friendly guide!

Welcome back lovelies!

I had a really fabulous break in Edinburgh and lots of you guys were wondering where we stayed etc so I decided to do a blog post on the trip.

We were really lucky with this trip and we got it for such a reasonable price it was only €120 for flights and hotel per person! Cheaper than some nights out in town! eekkk


We flew out on the Saturday morning nice and early that ment that we had dropped our bags off at the hotel and were out exploring by about 10.30am we couldn’t believe how central our hotel was literally a 5 minute walk to the Royal Mile ie 10 minute walk to the famous Edinburgh Castle! When exploring a new city I always like to start with a tour bus that way you get your bearings and you also get the history and some pointers of places to go and things to see. We got a tour bus for £22 for 2 days and this allowed us to take 4 different buses that all went to different places. We ended up taking 2 different tours and we were pleasantly surprised how different they were.


Unfortunately the day we arrived the weather wasn’t great and it was raining on and off so after doing the tour bus we decided to go to the Nation Museum of Scotland – this was really fabulous, so interesting Im certain there would be something there for everyone those of you that follow me on Snapchat will have seen there was even a fashion exhibition! They also do child friendly days we were these on a Saturdays and there were lots of kids around and admission was completely free which was a pleasant surprise.

That evening we went for drinks and dinner at  literally the bottom of our road, it was fab.


The next morning we were up again with the lark and while there was a gap in the weather we decided to go to the castle which we though we would fly up to but as we walked up the hill we wondered in and out of shops, looked at monuments and all the lane and alleyways “Closes” that led to the over crowded accommodation dating back to the 1700s’s. (Yes I am a bit of a history buff!). The castle is a must see the views are really spectacular our of the whole city. We decided then to walk the Royle Mile and again wondered in and our of the little quaint shops with everything from Christmas decorations to trinkets. We then caught a different bus called the Majestic tour bus which gave us a different perspective. On the way back to our hotel we came across a gorgeous art show and  spend for ever admiring all the paintings! We even brought a print home with us to remember our trip!



Edinburgh is of course home to JK Rowling and the writing of her Harry Potter books, but Edinburgh is also best know for the 3 B’s – Books, Booze and Biscuits – Ideal if you ask me! The streets are filled with literature, shortbread (my fave) and of course local beers!



That evening again we went for dinner and drinks and had a lovely evening.



We were really surprised when we arrived how easy it was to get from the Airport to the city literally half an hour on the bus, it goes from just outside the door of the arrivals hall and it cost £7.50 return per person. We never had to take an taxis because everything is very centrally located if you don’t mind doing a bit of walking.

I would recommend cocktails in the Balmoral Hotel if you fancy a little treat or if the budget stretches to a fancy meal try Hadrian’s at the Balmoral. For more budget friendly options try Byron for yummy burgers or The Mitre Bar for a spot of lunch.

Below is our accommodation and flight info;

  • Ibis Hotel – Royal Mile 2 nights accommodation for 2 people €200
  • Ryanair flights – Flying out in the morning and back mid afternoon 45 min duration €20 per person return

I hope this helps or inspires you to take a trip you have been threatening to take

Sam – Champagne and High Heels xx

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