Slimming World Weekly Update!

Welcome back Lovelies!

So lots and lots of you guys said that you would like a weekly update on Slimming World, what I am eating and my progress. I am giving more of a daily update on Snapchat my username is candhhblog.

I’m not sure how many times I have joined Slimming World but my heart just hasn’t been in it and I suppose life gets in the way – or so was my excuse. Long hours working, out of the house a lot I’m sure you guys know all about it but preparation is key I can honestly say I don’t think this plan would work unless you are prepared! Maybe that is where I went wrong on previous attempts. It wasn’t really on my radar to go back but a close friend called me and said she was going (she hasn’t as much to lose as me) but she has the will of a small army so I decided to maximize (I’m sure she wont mind me saying) and join her on her journey.


Our class is on a Wednesday evening and we weighed in as usual and I must say no shocks for me although the news wasn’t good, I could have told her before I even stepped on the scales what I was because I have got into a habit of weighing myself every morning and every evening – 1st of the problems I’m sure – so I wouldn’t recommend doing that to yourselves! I felt like something changed after that meeting and all of a sudden this felt like the right time for me, a feeling that I had never had about any slimming club before (and trust me I have done them all – Ill give you the low down another time..). I literally decided this is it and said to myself I am here now until Christmas so I have a goal in sight!


I started by making a list for the coming days to just get myself to Saturday I was in the right frame of mind already because I had started about a week and a half before I officially went back to class so my fridge was full of fruit and veg. Saturday morning I sat down for an hour (yes a whole hour) and made out my menu plan to get me to the following Saturday – I think compiled my shopping list, then off to the butchers and the supermarket.

This weeks win!

Saturday nights are normally wine and takeaway/dinner out nights in our house, I knew this was going to be a challenge and that the only option was to have something ready that I would really enjoy, one of my guilty pleasures is hot and spicy chicken wings so I came up with a syn free version and I then measured out 6 syns worth of Vodka in a Pyrex jug! My husband couldn’t believe his eyes lol I also had a couple of treats and made sure that I took them out of the press and put them on the table so that after a drink I wasn’t tempted to allow myself an extra few syns so that once my junk and vodka was gone I visually knew straight away that was it – and I enjoyed them and felt satisfied one I had them finished. I do think it is very difficult to eat out and stay on plan so I have made a decision to avoid that for the moment.

This weeks challenge!

I had a very very busy day on Sunday as we were out all day pulling look for a styling shoot this week and I found that my most difficult day of the week because I do think it is hard to make the right choices on the go. I went into M&S and I got strawberries and nectarines to pick at while in the car, definitely not enough food for the day but I did enjoy my dinner when I eventually got home.

I am up and out the door very early in the morning so each day I made sure that I had checked out what we were having for dinner and it was ready to be made the next day, I prepared all my fruit for breakfast (with lots of help from my hubbie I must say!) and my lunch was also prepared and ready to go for the next morning when I was rushing out the door, this ment that I didn’t get caught on the hop this week.

Top Tip!

Because I tend to be travelling around a good bit and in the car for long stretches I got an idea from last weeks class and I have filled a bag to have with me that has easy on the go very low syn foods in it so these might be some fruit, yogurt, naked noodles, Slimming World bars, options hot chocolate, mug shots – you could even get a cheeky cup of hot water in a garage if you were on the go! You will also see that I have worked out the syns and written it on them so if I am starving I don’t have to start trying to look up syns etc.

So all in all it has been a really really good week for me and yes I used my syns every single day this week!

Drum roll…… this weeks weight loss is -6.5lbs

Week 1: -6.5lbs
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:




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