Summer is well and truly here and it about time we got those feet summer ready for dipping in the sea and making an appearance in our fave sandals! 

I’m not going to lie my hoofs have had some neglect during sock and boot season & only get looked at the odd rainy day but when my MicroPedi arrived I knew it was time!!! 

Here she is in all her glory 

It is worth mentioning as well that I have tried another device so I did have something to compare it to but the other device could only be described as “sandpaper on end of a poorly motorised stick” in comparison to the MicroPedi! 

It is super easy to use (don’t forget the batteries), literally pop them in and you are good to go straight away. I couldn’t believe that instantly I could start to see a difference and after a couple of minutes my feet were silky soft! 

There is an antibacterial agent on the roller that reduces 99.9% of any foot bacteria!! Yes please!! It also comes with a spare roller which I thought was fab. 

I really can’t recommend this product enough, it’s simple to use and doesn’t cost a small fortune, but above all this actually works! 

Price: €39.95

Available from: All leading Pharmacies nationwide & MicroPedi

Let me know what you think, will you be buying? 

Love Champagne & High Heels xx 
*This product was gifted to me but the views are of course my own* 


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