My top 3 foundations! 

Welcome back lovelies!

Firstly I think I need to let you in on what my skin in generally like because I always think this is really important when buying a foundation and I would class my skin as combination/oily T zone, things couldn’t be simple for me.. 🙂 but on the plus side it means I have put these foundations through their paces.

There are so many factors that can change our skin like age, hormones, seasons you name it, and just because you had oily skin 10 years ago does not mean you still have oily skin, it is ever changing. But as with anything you know I am a firm believer in Skincare first – there is no point in not looking after your skin then having to cover it up with foundation. The older I get the more appealing less foundation becomes and the more thankful I am for my skincare routine!

Factors that important to me are staying power, my day generally starts at 5.30/6am and I am on the go until late in the evening so its really important that I dont have to be topping up during the day! “Ain’t no-one got time for that”, it also needs to be light on the skin but build-able for a night out.  I have been using the same foundation for years – Double Wear from Estée Lauder and I have to say I had a genuine fear about changing because although I have dabbled with others over the years I have always gone back to Estee Lauder.

The reason I love it is its flawless coverage and it’s staying power, literally this does not move… and it is definitely medium to full coverage but as my skin has changed and with the change in season I wanted something a bit more dewy and less Matt looking.

I gave the Stila Stay All Day foundation a try after reading rave reviews. I have heard amazing things about it in particular how dewy it looks on the skin. It also has a super handy hidden concealer in the lid with a small mirror – never under estimate how handy these little mirrors and concealers can be!

I really liked the consistency and the build-able coverage but I am finding that at this time of year when it’s quite warm it just won’t stay on my skin, I did try a primer with it and powder to set it but it still just didn’t have that staying power for me, I did lovely the duey look it had my skin, so I haven’t written it off but I have decided to try it again a bit later in the year when the weather is a bit cooler.

Next up was Artistry Exact Fit 24hr foundation, this one I actually hadn’t heard of but it was sent to me and because I didn’t know the brand I was a bit dubious… however, I was really pleasantly surprised!! It was really comparable to the double wear for me but with that dewy finish too it literally lasted all day! I did need to set it with powder but I was super impressed with it!

When buying a new foundation I would always recommend where possible to get a sample to try for a couple of days and make sure that you get the colour that suits your skin tone, always take into consideration if you have tan on the day you get colour matched because on a Tuesday when Saturday nights tans is long gone this will make a huge difference!

Let me know what you think and what your fave foundation?

Love Champagne & High Heels xx

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