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I’m sure some of you guys will have heard of before but for those of you that have not, it is a monthly subscription whereby Glossybox will send you 6 products to try. It can contain anything from makeup brushes to makeup to teeth whitening to skincare what’s not to love.. I think the concern though with these types of subscriptions can be that they just contain rubbish… BUT I am happy to report that is certainly not the case here.

Until now this service has only been available in the UK but the good news is that Glossybox is now available in Ireland, and here is a look at what is inside this months Glossybox!

Glossy box 2.2So first up presentation is just fab it feels like such a treat before you even open the box and at a glance I already see some really well known brands that I love! I unfortunately was only given the sterling price but I have added this to give you a guide if you want to purchase the products individually what they will set you back.

Essence compact powder £3 – a mixture of 5 colours in this bronzing palette will leave your complexion with a beautiful sun-kissed glow! (I’ll take a beautiful sun-kissed glow!)

Swiss Smile Whitening Toothpaste – £28.95 – It is a clever combination of active ingredients that removes any stains and gently restores teeth to their natural whiteness. I am also glad that they have mentioned that it will do this with no damage to your teeth (have to be really careful with some of the teeth whitening products!)

Studio 10 – £22 – This is a brow lift and perfecting liner which suits all hair tones! (I love an all rounder!)

Bandi – £9.70 – This is the perfect base for makeup and is a light and airy moisturiser that is quickly absorbed into the skin. It smells divine and so far I can vouch that it feels fab on my skin not only that but they have included a 20% off code for your next purchase!

The Body Shop – Oils of Life – Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil – £28 – This is a best seller lightweight face oil. It claims to totally revive your complexion and after one use I have to say I am really really impressed so stay tuned and Ill see how I get on for a few weeks!

So what is this going to set you back per month? Surprisingly it is just €14 + postage per month, which I think I such a bargain when you look at the products that are inside and equate to €115!!!

Here is the link:

Sign me up!!!

Let me know what you think???

Love C&HH’s xxx


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