Weddings & Events Curvy Style Guide

If there is one thing that is a hot topic in all the emails and messages I’m getting at the moment it certainly has to be Summer Weddings and events that you want to look your best for but seem to be struggling to get something fabulous in the shops and lots of you don’t want to buy online when its for a super special occasion you want to actually go in and try it on (not as easy as it sounds if you are size 16+!) Don’t worry I’ve got you covered!

First up you have to get the foundation right! Bad knickers, bad bra and bad fitting support wear will give you lumps and bumps in all the wrong places! You need those girls pulled right up (go get measured I bet its been ages!), leave the thong at home if its digging in… and most importantly buy the right size shape-wear think about it…. it can only smooth things out I cant take you down 3 sizes (as much as we might like the idea), where could it possibly go? It wont go anywhere… is the truth and it will just be super uncomfortable and create lumps and bumps we didn’t even have in the first place!

Next up is there such a thing as comfort and glam…. I believe there is, one massive complaint is that a lot of dresses in summer are sleeveless, some care more about their bingo wings than others but if you don’t like those arms whether you are a size 8 or 28…. don’t worry! Check out these super cool sleeves below. They are a must have in my wardrobe and I pull mine out time after time! They just clip under your bra and are very comfortable and easy to wear! They are really inexpensive and Penneys and Dunnes Stores have them.


Now… the dress! I literally found it so hard to pick but these are some of my favourites from Irish Boutiques that I just love at the moment!

First up has to be Lulubelle Pin Up Boutique they are based in Lucan Village and that is where I bought this gorge green dress! It makes me feel a million dollars every time I wear it and they cater for sizes 8-22. The material in this green dress is like spanx so there is great support.

Dress 2

I’m also loving this fab red dress they have in stock at the moment it would be a little show stopper at any event!

Dress 1

Next up is another fab boutique that I love – Lily Rose Boutique from Kilkenny they have modern pieces in sizes 16 up. This beauty is a particular favourite of mine at the moment and would be ideal for ladies that don’t like to show their legs, a wedding or even bridesmaids!

Dress 3

Next on my list is Tempted sizes 16 – 24 they are located in Raheny and Wexford, you can always count on tempted to have “that” fabulous piece in stock. I just love this one its staying safe with the black but adding a touch of floral for summer and would be perfect for teaming the “sleeves” with!

Dress 4

Add a curly blowdry, a hint of cocoa brown and a fresh coat of Shellac and you are ready to Wow!

If you are an Irish Boutique and stocking sizes 16=+ let me know! If we don’t know about you we cant shop with you! 🙂


C&HH’s xx



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