Curvy Friendly Salons & Deals!

You might remember that last week I finally put together a post that had been much requested for swimwear it featured sizes 8-30 and what to bring on holidays. At the start of the post, I said my first steps were always to prep my body because the better I feel in my own skin the more confident I will feel when I step out in my swimwear! Eekk! This always includes a tan, shellac, pedi etc and a bit of general prep, however I was really surprised by the amount of women that contacted me to say that they shy away from salons because they are concerned about a number of issues but primarily their shape and size and as a result chose to do DIY treatments.

This should not be the case, you should absolutely feel confortable and confident going to have any treatments done whether a size 8-30. I have spoken to some fab salons who have answered lots of the questions you guys had asked so if you are still feeling a bit unsure just pop me a message and Ill help whatever way I can.

So 10 fabulous salons have come on board so far and have assured me that their salons are well equip for women of all shapes and sizes, not only that they are giving you guys some fabulous summer offers! Please see below and tell them I sent you 😉

If any other Salons would like to jump onboard please feel free to contact me!

1. Co. Kilkenny


2. Bundoran, Co. Donegal

Ocean View

They are offering the following Summer package:

Shellac nails, Cocoa Brown Tan & Brow and Lash Tint for just €40

Not only that but they are using Waxperts Wax!

3. Co. Carlow


4. Co. Dublin (North)


5. Co Clare

Willow 2

6. Blackpool – Cork, Douglas – Cork, Redmond Sq – Wexford, Fairgreen – Carlow, Enniscorthy – Wexford and Waterford

Sam McCauley


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