Swim and holiday wear

Hi All

I have had so many requests for a post on curvy swimwear and what to pack going on holidays and although lots have you told me that you plan your sun holidays well in advance and cant wait for them to arrive you also dread what you are going to wear and the thoughts of having to show some flesh are terrifying! You are not along let me tell you!

First step for me is always to start prepping my skin, I this sounds minor but a good exfoliation and a light coating of Cocoa Brown before I go is always on my list it just give you that extra bit of confidence to get into your swimwear or maybe show off your pins. I love the gradual tan moisturiser for the evening time, it gives your skin lots of moisture and a slight glow! I also make sure that I have my feet looking tip top and my finger nails freshly shellac’d again I think if  you feel good it really is half the battle.

So what should you pack in your case? I think we are all guilty of over packing and then wearing the same one comfortable item over and over.. so why not just bring less but bring what you will actually wear! I generally work out what I am going to wear each day and night and I use some outfits twice because I would only have it on for a couple of hours in the evening etc and if you change up your accessories you can have a whole new outfit, plus there is nothing more stressful in the evening when your get getting ready to head out and not knowing what to wear so I like to get all the stressing and planning done at home!

Here is my list of must have items in the case;

  1. Swimwear – 2 that I love!
  2. Cover-ups – 2
  3. Day dresses – 3 or 4
  4. Night dresses – 3 or 4
  5. Day sandals – 1 pair
  6. Night Wedges – 1 pair
  7. Accessories
  8. Lots of Sunblock (especially for your face)
  9. A smile and bucket loads of confidence!

Lets start off with the minefield that is swimwear, I know lots of you are squirming at even the thought of having to put your togs on and dare you even think about a bikini! Well why not! There are so many options out there now so it is just about picking the right one for you and your body shape! I am a typical apple shape unfortunately all my weight is carried around my tummy so I would typically always wear a full swimsuit but that doesn’t mean you have wear something really plain there are so many options now that are fab see a few below that I have picked.

Forever 21 sizes 16 to 22 €31


Dunnes Store Sizes 8-22 €18

Swim 15

Simplybe.ie Sizes 12-32 €45

Swim 45

Simplybe.ie Sizes 12 – 32 This is a tankini style €50

Swim 50

Next up I would recommend the high waisted bikini which I just love such a cute style and will hide a multitude, I just think the main thing to watch here is that the bra top has some decent support!

Im literally in love with this one below from Forever 21 it goes up to a size 22-24 and is around the €30 mark! Its just so fab with lots of side support in the bra to keep everything in place!


My advice is to avoid strings and tiny straps at all costs! Other than that you should be fine and just remember women come in all shapes and sizes so no one is going to be shocked or scandalised by a bit of cellulite embrace your curves whether you are a size 8 or 28!

Next up are my fave Cover-ups, these are so handy when you need to go and get a refreshing cocktail to cool down (health and safety obviously no one wants to get dehydrated…) they are light and airy and so easy to throw on, I generally favour the kaftan style over sarongs because I don’t have to worry about them falling down and they give some arm coverage etc its just as easy as wearing a dress. Here are a few that I love!

This one is from simplybe.ie and goes up to a size 30 €35 I love that it has a little belt to synch you in at the waist.

Swim 35

This is another fab style also from Simplybe.ie sizes up to 30 and €42

Swim 42

Next you are going to need a few day time sun dresses something nice and comfortable, I generally don’t like anything too form fitting during the day with the heat so here are my picks! You should be able to pick these types of dresses up cheaply and they are available on so many of the usual sites.

First up is this gorgeous dress from Penneys comes in sizes up to a 20 and is just €12 you really cant go wrong! Its quite a lose style so would be super comfortable and you could pick up any of the colours in the beading to change it up!

Dress 12

Next up is this fab dress from Evans sizes 14 to 30 and €60 again a really easy style to wear and lots of colours can be picked up here to mix it up for a different night.

Dress 60

Don’t forget to team them with a nice comfy pair of sandals, I generally get mine in Penneys or New look if you want a wider fit they also stock those.

Then for the evening time I think a suitcase staple has to be a Maxi Dress they are just so easy to wear. I am only 5ft 5″ so I would generally wear mine with a nice pair of wedges to give me some height without sacrificing the comfort!

Loving this one from Boohoo.com only €30 sizes 18-24team it with a dainty necklace or a long chain for a more boho festival feel.

Maxi 30

This dress from New Look hasn’t hit the shops yet but its is on the way and is so fabulous. I can actually smell the Sun, Sea and Sand just looking at it! It ticks all my boxes for the perfect sun holiday evening dress and teamed with a pair or brown wedges! **SWOON**


New Look 1

These gorge wedges are from Penneys and are only €19 they are a summer must!

Wedges 19

Check out this gorgeous skirt and top combo from River Islands new plus collection, you guys are always telling me that you cant find skirts! I just love this one it screams Spanish senorita and I want it, I would wear this with the vest tucked in and it would be a fab evening outfit.

Skirt if €40 sizes 18-24

Skirt 40

Top is €22 sizes 18-24

Vest 22

Finally don’t forget to accessorise your looks to change them up, I love these earing from Penneys only €3, add a cute clutch bag to compete your look.

Ear 3


I hope you guys enjoyed the post and if you have any questions please send me a message on my social media;

Snapchat: candhhblog

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/champagnehighheels/?ref=ts&fref=ts


Love C&HH’s xxx



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