Dubrovnik, Croatia

Welcome back beauties. 

Grab yourself a cuppa this will be a long one but I’m going to tell you all about our hotel, booking, the cost of Croatia, sights to see and things to do. Let me start by saying it has been one of our most enjoyable trips to date, generally when I go away to a “sun destination” it’s a disaster because I find it hard to relax and sitting by the pool is no fun if you can’t relax that is why we have gone more for city breaks recently like New York, Las Vegas, Edinburgh etc but the call of Croatia was too strong to avoid plus it is such a historical city I knew I could also satisfy my nerdy needs while getting some down time. 

1. Booking 

We didn’t use an agency we just booked direct, at the time of year we travelled there were flights every second day and I watched them for a couple of weeks and they were averaging €200 each but one of the days I checked they were €120 each so I just booked them! We booked 5 nights in our hotel which was the stunning Dubrovnik Palace Hotel we booked through Prestige Hotels (booking website through trivago) – it’s worth noting that April is considered somewhat outside the main season and this was reflected in the hotel price which was around €500 so in total this was for a superior sea view balcony room and included a buffet breakfast each morning. The total cost is about €370 person including flights and hotel. 

Here is the first thing we saw when we went into our room – possibly the most beautiful view I have ever seen! Only downside to the room was two single beds pushed together rather than a double bed which we questioned and were told all rooms come like that and it really took nothing away from the hotel.

The best views where to come which was sunset each evening around 7.30pm which took my breath away every night we made sure not to miss it – it was a real pinch me moment!

Our hotel nearly finished me with cocktail hour from 2-6! Winning! Some of the nicest I’ve ever had so we obviously had to take full advantage 😉

On our first evening there we decided to go to the old town for dinner and drinks the hotel reception informed us that a bus went from right outside the hotel – I mean like outside the door and for €2 you could go to the old town about 10 minute journey this was such a handy facility and we never got a taxi because it was so handy & cheap! 

The bus dropped us right in the old town and we were not disappointed that’s for sure! 

It literally looked like something from a movie set – a city inside the walls it was mesmerising. Streets gleaming, quaint backstreets of cobbled footpaths and little lanterns hanging outside. 

If you are a Game of Thrones fan (I’m not unfortunately) but apparently a lot of it was shot here and so there are lots of tours you can do not only that there are tonnes of boat tours & you can go island hopping for €15! 

If you want spectacular views you have to walk the walls of the city this will give you a panoramic view. It costs about €20.

In terms of food and drink I would say it’s a bit cheaper than home but the key is to get the drinks deals and there are plenty of buy one get one free or cocktails hours. 

We found the city to be very safe and friendly not only that the locals have a real appreciation for your business

Here are the answers to my most asked questions

1. What airline did we use? Aer Lingus €120pp

2. What hotel did we stay in? Dubrovnik Palace Hotel €250pp including buffet breakfast each morning

3. Airport transfers? Taxi €30

4. Transport from hotel to old town? Bus from directly outside hotel just €2


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