Curvy Christmas Jumpers!

Welcome back lovelies, tis the season to have a Christmas jumper!

Whether its 12 pubs with the gang, bringing the kids to see Santa or for Christmas day everyone need to have a Christmas jumper in their wardrobe that they can pull on and feel festive in. The only issue can be finding a comfortable one for curves! I have pulled my faves that are available this year!

Here are my faces from all from sizes 8-34 and ranging from €25 to €35



Next up are a newish phenomenon to add to your Christmas attire – its the Christmas Swing Dress available in sizes 10-32 and just €21



If these options are just far too warm and you’d rather throw on a pair of jeans then don’t worry I’ve got you covered with the Christmas Tee! These come in sizes 10-32 and are just €13.99 to €16.99



Next up are they have a nice selection and they range in sizes 16-28 and are now all reduced to around €26 but I’m sure they wont last for long



Hopefully you will have found something to suit you taste, style and budget! Don’t forget to pop over and say hi on:

  • Snapchat: candhhblog
  • Facebook: Champagne & High Heels
  • Instagram: Champagneandhighheelsblog

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