Summer in Heatons…

So being honest I really have not been keeping an eye on Heatons shelves in a long time but I just so happened to pop in and wanted to buy…. Everything!! When I book my holiday I think I’ll just buy my whole wardrobe in there! 😂 Heatons stock sizes 8-20 so there is a decent range and fab shoes too! I’ve added a few pics below to feast your eyes on ❤️ 

This is wedding or communion/confirmation material! I was super impressed and at €25! Yes please 

This is a great swimsuit & kaftan combo! 

This is so so gorge over your togs but also over a dress in the evening Defo one of my fave piecesn ❤️

Now my fave part….. Shoes!! ❤️👠

Love Champagne & High Heels ❤️

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