Memory Jar!



New Years Eve last year, I started a jar with Mr. C&HH’s. We agreed that every time we made a great memory together we would write it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar then open it on New Years Eve the following year and see all the memories we made together. As you can see this year we are truly blessed to have a full jar and couldn’t wait to open it.

We generally tend to shy away from the hustle and bustle of pubs and bars on New Years Eve and favour it as a time to spend together with a glass of bubbles and some good food so this certianly seemed like a great idea for us.

When we started this last year I initially thought that we would probably add one or two things to it then it would drop off but I was really determined to keep this one going and actually started to enjoying putting things in.

Just after Christmas we really started looking forward to opening the Jar. The only little change I would make would be different coloured piece of paper for each person to make sure you are not taking out your own memory – that certainly didn’t take away from the experience. Its our new tradition and we will be keeping it up every year. Not only does it remind you what a fantastic year you both had but it reminds you to be grateful for all the good that happened throughout the year – it can sometimes be very easy to focus on the negative. This year we also put in where we saw ourselves 12 months from now, that should be an interesting one next December!

So give it a go, its one of the best free things you’ll do all you need is a pen, some paper and a jar! We also took a picture together each month so in December we had 12 pictures to look back on and it was great to see our days out together or changes that had taken place.

Will you start your own jar? – Its never too late!

Much Love

C&HH ‘s xxx


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